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Women's/Men's Health

Women & Men's health through all stages of life. 

Yoga Class for all Ages

The healthcare needs of women and men change throughout the life-span. At Frontier Family Medicine, we help you through all these stages of life.

We offer contraception management, STD testing, hormone testing, thyroid function, vitamin and nutritional therapies to support a healthy lifestyle and hormone functions.

Hormone levels are checked either a blood draw performed in our office, or saliva collection testing performed by Diagnostech and Genova labs.

We offer with bio-identical hormone replacement (estrogen, progesterone and testosterone) whether it be oral, topical, or by injection.  

For Women, we offer women's wellness exams, as well as help to address abnormal periods, vaginal dryness, incontinence, and postpartum depression. 

For Men, we offer general men's physicals (including prostate health), as well as hormone testing to include thyroid and testosterone levels.

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